10 places not to meet a date by ME

1-Craigslist .com.... Need i say anymore?
2-The free clinic waiting room That chic may have an itch.....and no health insurance
3-The plasma center Where can yall go on $75
4-Group therapy Yea your there....but umm so is she
5-Gay Clubs(if your str8 man seeking women)You may get a suprise...
6-18 and under clubs(if your 25) Please dont do it,someone will call dateline on you...
7-The bus stop/On the bus Please see 4
8-A strip club(if that's you occupation) Meeting you future spouse while your dancing on a table is soo not hott...
9-Any form of chatline...
10-The court house and or county jail...... "You can have my cornbread boo!"


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